PBC Advisors, LLC

The mission of PBC Advisors, LLC is to help physicians, hospitals, and health care professionals manage the business of medicine.

How we accomplish this and what distinguishes our firm can be summarized as follows:

  • PBC Advisors works exclusively with hospitals, physician practices, and medical groups.  Since we have been doing this for almost a quarter of a century, we have significant expertise and knowledge from working with more than 300 medical practices.
  • PBC Advisors has managed care contracting expertise and uses that expertise to enhance revenues.  Several of our consultants were senior executives within the insurance industry prior to working for PBC Advisors which provides us additional insight into that industry.
  • Many of the larger medical practices within Chicago, both multi-specialty and single specialty practices, were created as a result of our expertise and experience.
  • While our unique solutions certainly differentiate our firm, it’s our implementation that clearly sets us apart.



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